Truk Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Dive Shop

Blue Lagoon Dive Shop: Truk Lagoon's Largest-Truk Lagoon's First.

The Blue Lagoon Dive Shop in Truk Lagoon. 
A Complete Dive Facility with More Than 10 Dive Boats and 250 Scuba Tanks.

The Blue Lagoon Dive Boats Are Open and Spacious. 
They're Also Excellent for Accommodating Closed Circuit Rebreathers and Tech Divers.

Tech Diving In Truk Lagoon: Live Aboard or Land Based Dive Operation? Truk Lagoon Tech Diving Services...Explore Chuuk FSM.

Truk Lagoon's
Premier Dive Operation
With Multiple Dive Boats,
And Multiple Compressors.

Tech Diving Services
In Truk Lagoon:

Mixed Gas,
Enriched Air Nitrox
is available
at the
Blue Lagoon Dive Shop,
Truk Lagoon, Chuuk Micronesia

Up to EANx40 can be provided to divers
with a basic nitrox rating,
and mixes from 40% to 100% can be provided
to divers with the necessary certification.

Valid certification cards from all
training organizations are recognized.

EANx gas is provided in 80cu.ft., 40cu.ft.
and 30cu.ft. cylinders.
Both standard and compact bottles
are available. 

Cylinders are fitted with
Thermo 'K' valves (yoke type). 

DIN (OMS) modular valves
are available in single, 'H', 
or as isolation manifolds
as per request. 

Yoke to DIN adapters and
DIN insert to yoke adapters are available.

Manifold and Bands for twinsets,
various size deco bottles,
O2 service regulators,
and air or EANx dive computers
are all available for rent to
support dives. 

Mixes are made by partial pressure
blending on a three gas panel built around
a Haskel booster pump.

Trimix can be provided
by an IANTD certified blender.

A limited quantity of
Helium & Sodasorb are stocked. 

Both of these should be reserved in advance
to ensure  an adequate quantity
is available for your tech dives.

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