Jeep Island & Fonomu Island, Blue Lagoon Resort, Truk Lagoon, Chuuk FSM.

Truk Lagoon's Protected Coral Islands...SNORKELERS PARADISE, Chuuk FSM.
Snorkeling and Camping On A Coral Island in Truk Lagoon.Snorkel on Jeep Island and Fonomu Island, Truk Lagoon. Blue Lagoon Resort Private-Coral IslandsTruk Lagoon Private Island Getaways. Chuuk Reef Snorkeling. Truk Lagoon Coral Islands.

Jeep Island and Fonomu Island are remote islands within Truk Lagoon.
A Snorkelers Paradise, these Coral Reef Preserves have been protected for the past 18 years,
and are managed by the Blue Lagoon Dive Shop.
We make them available to our guests for overnight stays.

  • Tropical Tranquility

  • Crystal Clear Water

  • Colorul Sunsets
    and a Canopy of Stars

  • A Unique Perspective of Truk Lagoon

    Tropical Island Serenity

Protected Coral reefs of Truk Lagoon, Chuuk FSM.
  • Rustic Comfort - Island Style.

    Terra Firma with Soothing Waves & Ocean Breezes.

    Snorkel, Sunbathe or Enjoy The Shade.

    Hang Out, Camp Out, Relax and
    Have Fun.

    Enjoy Truk Lagoon.
    Reserve Your Island Getaway......

The Coral Reefs of Jeep Island and Fonomu Island, Truk Lagoon

Shallow Reefs of Fonomu Island, Chuuk FSM.
Fonomu Island Coral Reefs, Chuuk FSM.
Protected Coral Reef System, Snorkeling In Truk Lagoon.
Coral Reef Preserve - Snorkeling In Chuuk, Micronesia.
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